Lil Watchit – “Child Safety Interlude 2”

I totally for-got to post this track earlier. Enjoy.
Download Lil Watchit f/ DJ BF – Child Safety Interlude 2


Watch It Kids and the BAGAG Program

So I was call to do a ton of freelancing works lately. Mostly for one new company called “Watch It Kids”. They develop a program called BAGAG (Be Aware Guys and Girls). With BAGAG they tell kids the dangers of everything from crossing the road to talking to strangers. But the thing I think separates them is the fact that hey are in-touched with the pulse of kids and know how to comunicate there message.

In fact the most edgy-kind of way they do it is through rap-hop music. They hired on a rapper man by the name of Lil Watchit (Terry Beggs) to pass important safety messages to the kids. Well, I ran into Lil Watchit at Jose’s Pizzaria a couple of week ago and he told me that he heard I had an inhome iMac studio and wanted me to help him produce so music for the program. I gladly accepted and the rest is history.