Black Sheeps Are Still hear

Like I told you. Loud talking, drinking crying, hitting and crying.No peace with Uncle Joe and Ant Missy around and guess what I probly won’t make my deadline tomorrow. Even worst is that my iBook is totaly broken. Stupid uncle Joe.
Last nihgt, Joe invited bunch of his old slummy freinds that he used to drink with whens he lived here. Mind you that Carol and I live in a 850 sqare footed, 2 bedroom place. so it’s like 11 peop le in my place and all drinking (of corspe). Well dum uncle Joe had to loudly and awquardly fit his famuos question into the group disgustion…

Joe- “You know how i like my beers?”
Bum freind- “How’s that?”
Joe- “Like I like my violents…domestic”

Then dum Joe folowed his tarded joke up with “Now go get me a beer womand or I’ll…” then he drunkedly shook his fist at Missy. She went and got his beer as usual. Then poored it in his lap and quickly broke the bottle over his head as usual. All those drunk bums ran out of the hous e and uncle Joe bagan crying as usuals.
The only thing unusual and unforchunate is that my some of the beer, bottles shards and a little blood got into the keybord of my iBook. I was fuming but I was always taught to respect my eldars so me being a good sothern genelman I said nothing and quitely and quictly grabbed my computar and rushed it to my room. It wouldn’t come on at all. Forchunatly I backed up everytihng but still have nothing to work on in the mean time. Even this I had to write from Xiscos PC
So for now I have a Bondi blue G3 iBook that smell like Pabst that’s onlys good as a coastar now. Hopefully I can find someone in Lowell or Bentonville with a Mac with Adobes to finish my work. KISS has never been more impotant than becas I realy think this acount is importatn if I ever wan to hire someone to help me with Fantom Advertising Group. Wish me well.

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