Brandfantom Sounds featuring Delron Young

Been on a creative benge lately. my home friend Delron Young has been doing karoke at local clubs on here in NW Arkansas for years hoping to get noticed so he can go into music full time. I tell him one night while at Jose’s Pizzaria (a place i also did the signage for) you really need to put together a demo or something. I tell him I can produces and arange his music and also design his album cover.
We both agreed that “Careless Whipser” by Wham would fit his tenor range best. So i recorded it and made it free to the public! I think we’ll be able to get Del some gig’s in Southwest Mizouri by summer.
I’m excited because not only is he getting his big break but this i my first professional album cover art works! I used a photo taken by lightingfla and added my typeography work and personal flares. Checkout our bandcamp site to check out


In honor of Febrary

Becase its black history month; I wanted to honor grate Africand-Amercans in a unique new way. So I thougt maybe i shoud make t-shirts and sell them to celibrate the festave ocassion. I just discovered about a site named i now know how to make a shirts, hoodies and many kinds apearal and sell them on-line!
Since he freed every Africand american in the world who better than to put on the shirt than Doctor Martin Luthar King Jr. The pic above is just a screan shot. It will be for sale after i get aprovle fromt the King istate to use that particuler image of Doctor King.

Lil Watchit – “Child Safety Interlude 2”

I totally for-got to post this track earlier. Enjoy.
Download Lil Watchit f/ DJ BF – Child Safety Interlude 2

Lil Watchit- “Safety Interlude 1”

Here’s one of the song about stranger safety I help to produce for Lil Watchit & Watch It Kids. The lyrics are brilliant. They mostly all belong to LW with just a little help and inspirations from me.

Download Lil Watchit f/ DJ BF – Child Safety Interlude 1

Watch It Kids and the BAGAG Program

So I was call to do a ton of freelancing works lately. Mostly for one new company called “Watch It Kids”. They develop a program called BAGAG (Be Aware Guys and Girls). With BAGAG they tell kids the dangers of everything from crossing the road to talking to strangers. But the thing I think separates them is the fact that hey are in-touched with the pulse of kids and know how to comunicate there message.

In fact the most edgy-kind of way they do it is through rap-hop music. They hired on a rapper man by the name of Lil Watchit (Terry Beggs) to pass important safety messages to the kids. Well, I ran into Lil Watchit at Jose’s Pizzaria a couple of week ago and he told me that he heard I had an inhome iMac studio and wanted me to help him produce so music for the program. I gladly accepted and the rest is history.

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