2pac Drawing

2pac throwing up West-sides.

2pac throwing up West-sides.

I remeber back in vo-tech there was this guy named Tyreke. He was like the coolest guy at owr school and one of the only Africand- American guys at school. I wanted to get in good with him so we coud chill together so i put on baggy cloths, had my niebor Amy brade my hair in corned-rows and drew this picture of 2pac.
The next day I ran into Tyreke in the cafrateria and said, “What’s up son. Here goes a piture I drew. I been meaning to roll over and give it to you for a minute”. He gave me a differnt look and stared at my picture and says ” Oh, this is that 2pac guy. Someone was talking bout him on NPR last week.” He then mentioned some other stuff and asked me if I was tryign to make a living as an artist. After that he pushed his eyebows together confusdly and asked som e unrealated question about “How the heck do you eat?” The only asnwer I coud think to say was “One bite at a time I guess.” Weird. I mean the food wasn’t great in the cafrateria but it wasn’t uneatble ether. I still don’t know what part of left-feld that quesion came from.
I let Tyreke keep the picture since it looked like he  liked it but I didn’t really hang with him much after taht. Not cos he was africand-american but cos we had differnet lives. He listend to NPR , partied his hair on the right side, dresed kind of preppy cloths and frankly aksed weird personal questions abut other peoples digestive systems. On the other hands, I listend to 2pac, wore brades and sagged in the latest urbane fashons like Tommy, Mosimo and Natical. I just don’t think a close freind-ship was in the cards for us.

Colon Powell for President Campain


I remember back when I was in vo-tech in like 1994 & 19995 there was a lot of buzz about Colon Powell becoming the first Afrocand-American president in ’96. Now still I am and was then vary not political but I saw a chance to really make a bandwagon insetead of jumping on 1. So I created a logo and stradagy for his campain and send it to him. Unfortunatly, months went by and I hear nothing.

On day, however, I did get a letter from Mississipi that just said Powell on it with the address. So I hurriedly opened it up like a Christmus gift hoping for good news. Colon said that he got my graphics and was glad to hear I was still in school and to stay there as long as it takes. It was the most unique portrait of his he’d seen in his whole life! The earring through him off though cos he said he didn’t have one. Colon said I maybe thinking of Morgan Freedman or Ed Bradley or some other Africand-American. (I actually was being stradegic becauss I wanted to make sure to capture the young voters.) He also mention someting about how his name was really COLIN. Outwardly I respected it cos I figured it was some Traditional Africand spelling but inwardly I was all like ” between your way of speling COLIN and my COLON a colon is a Colon all the same”. Tell me if I’m wrong.
Next, he then dropped the bomb and said that he wouldn’t be running the presidency in 96 but maybe Cheney would. I was really let down cos I tried to kill a bird with 2 stones by making this also my class project.

So basically all I had left was an empty bandwagon and this pristinly kept and unused logo. I may be called the Brand Fantom by some but I’m really a real human guy  in real life that had to push beyond advercity to get to where I am today. I’m glad my fans can see this side of me so they can know I was just once human too like them.

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