My name is Edwin Demarsh and I’m a freelance art director/graphics designer/illustrator in Arkansas. You may not recognize the name but you probubly seen my work because I have inspired and been behind alot of the creative work of vary many visible brands you see everyday. Because of this by many I have been referred to as the Brand Fantom.



  1. Hi Fantom,
    I lik ed you ere work It woz good man. I an a designer to. I live en Brokelin, new yourk for 6 munth and un stuff is best i have ceein. You are work look a lik e stuf frum me home cowntry briceni Ukrain. It make me sikc frum home. The Colon man luk lik e my fotther. I lik e the pictre a lot.

  2. Hey Mikel

    It’s good to here from anohter fan out in the Europe. Sometime I feel like our culturings are difrent we still speak the same kind of language. Maybe when Fantom Advertisign Group gets off the grond I can make you in charged of our New York ofice. I figure in about 2 years we can ready get ready for ex-panding so keep in tough with me.


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