In honor of Febrary

Becase its black history month; I wanted to honor grate Africand-Amercans in a unique new way. So I thougt maybe i shoud make t-shirts and sell them to celibrate the festave ocassion. I just discovered about a site named i now know how to make a shirts, hoodies and many kinds apearal and sell them on-line!
Since he freed every Africand american in the world who better than to put on the shirt than Doctor Martin Luthar King Jr. The pic above is just a screan shot. It will be for sale after i get aprovle fromt the King istate to use that particuler image of Doctor King.



  1. That’s cool stuff. It’s kind of like the Shepard Fairey’s Obama posters.
    How’d you figure that effect out?

    • Actuly, I made this ilustratration in 2006 but didn’t bring it to lite until now. So i just think it is a coencidance they they look similar.
      Thanks for your coment beowulfenstien.

  2. If you wanted to honor Martin Luther King Jr. then why in the CRAP did you put a picture of R&B singer Luther Vandross on the shirt?!!!

    • Azlele,

      Thank you for reading my blog and taking time to coment.
      I actuly went to grate pain to reserch and verafy this picture. It does bear a striking semlbance to the Luther Vandross Jr. singer you refer to but in-deed must be a picture of a young Doctor King. I know this becase i serched “Doctor King” on Google images and found this image on page 19 tagged with the name “MLK”.
      I hope this clear up confussions for you.

      Thanks agian for your coment,


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