Lil Watchit – “Child Safety Interlude 2”

I totally for-got to post this track earlier. Enjoy.
Download Lil Watchit f/ DJ BF – Child Safety Interlude 2



  1. Dude this music is dang tight. I could listen to it all day long. I like the flow and arrangement. I personally think Lil Watchit is way too talented to be here in Lowell/Rogers. He needs to be in either Fort Smith or Little Rock.

    • Yeah, a freid of his is curantly trying to finding him a agent. I think that will aventully cause a compatition with his work. We’ll see what can happen with him in the futures. Though.

  2. Yo, these tracks are dope! How com you guys never hit me up about spinnin and skratchin? I know I said before that I don’t have my tables no more, but I know some guys I could borrow from. Or maybe we could colaberate on some remixes. Hit me up that would be off the hook! Xisco is for real on Lil Watchit. He’s a talented MC and the kids better listen to what he says. My cousin Tom hates rap, but he’s always talking about how somebody needs to give all these kids good messages and lessons like Mr. T used to do.

  3. Yeah he’s definitely moving his way up. Since he raps at scools all over the area I’m sure his name will be spreding soon.

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