Lil Watchit – “Road Safety”

This is a song about road safety I make for Lil Watch it & Watch It Kids. I really think this will encourage kids to do the right thing in the way checking for cars before crosseing the steets.
(Be pateint because loding my take a few seconds.)

Download Lil Watchit f/ DJ BF – Road Safety



  1. Dude this stuff is so tough. Lil Watchit needs to put out a full length album. Is he already signed to Koch Records? I heard someone talking about that on forum yesterday.
    If he ain’t I’d like to send him some info to my friend Silk Hafner. He’s an agent that can get him the hook up somewhere.

  2. Hey Funkrok thaks for the tip. But actully it look like I’m goeing to be Watchit’s agent if he ever desides to make that jump to manestreams.
    His cousin Deadrick no’s someone at Swisher’s house recoardings so I think we have a good in. Good looking out thoght homey.

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