Hay Guys. Quick Update.

No I not bought yet a computer yet. I’m using a P.C. (Piece of Crap) I bought from a local pawn shop and then downloaded all the Adobe CS trials to my computer. I still have the receipt and will take it back later this week I’m really just waiting for Mac to release Snow Leopards on Friday before I buy. I’ll be updating more frequently then.

Oh and another thing. Notice anything different about my post? How about spelling? I’m the first to admit I’m not the spelling bea king and  a couple of people have sent me emails about spell check but nobody would tell me how to do it. Well I found a tutorial last week that showed to me that clicking “ABC” Check button would “flag” spelling errors with red squiggle’s that I can then double click to see alternate spelling suggestions. So now my posts should be virtually air free. I look forward to posting more corrected spelled worded posts and to summit new graphics designs after I get my new mac with Snow Leopards next week. So I’ll keep you posted…ROOOAR!



  1. So today is the day man! That computer is gonna be righteous. When are you buying CS4?

    • Yes sir! I just bougt it! 15″ Macbooks Pro 4GB mamary, 320 hard drive with Snow Leopards! I can’t wait till it comes in next week!

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