Disco Soul Brothers Logo Designs


Me and Xisco were singig karoke at Jose’s Pizzaria Friday and I noticed 2 new fans sitting at the back booth eating pizza. They were 2 similar looking Africand Americans that were like from the 70’s funk days. They both had matchingd rounded afros and side-buns like Bill the Bucher on the New York Gangs movie. I saw them saw bobing there heads to wile X and I sang to “Anohter One Bite the dust” by Quean. When we wer e  done with our gig these guys ran up to me and said our preformence was “All the way live”. They told us they were twind brothes named Melvin & Max Duplessy and they were Dj’s that just moved from New Orlens. They also did orignal music and sad we shoud colaburate caus they could “hook us up” some banging musics. I told them Me and Xisco were more about rock and adult comtempory but maybe we coud mix some sounds with them some day (May-be like Arow Smith and Run GMC). I told them that I was realy more doing karoke for fun now but was much more focused on graphics design and branding. Melvin & Max eye lit up.

They said “We ben looking for a good logo. How bout you do us one for like 20 stacks?” That sounded like a whole lot so I took it.

The graphics element in the logo was hevily considerd and excuted. The disco ball fros realy tell the the story of what they do. The green and purple faces repsent Marti Gra wich is in New orlens where they from. The lighter repsents the song “Disco Enferno” the song they  always start off with at any event they do. I gave the logo to them Saturday evening and they love it. I got like 10 hi-fi’s and a 20 stack ( wich i found out is just 20 $1 bills.) It was a bit lower than my tipical raites but the Duplessy brothers are cool guys, I made an awesome logo and may get to colaburate with them on a Funk/rock fushion song in the future.



  1. Thats a areally great idea with the mardi gras colors, i didn’t even notice it until you said that. The #1 will probably help them out a lot to, when people see it since its a really competitional market being a DJ. I used to spin and scratch some wax a few years back and its a lot harder and more to it than people know. Thats to bad about your pay, but at least you can build up your portfolio and have another conection. Keep up the mad designz!

  2. Thanks man. I apreciate the complaments. Yah the pay isn’t what I thoght i’d be but with the talent the bros. have along with there new identidy package Its just a matter of time before they blow up and will nead my servace agian.

    By the way do yo still spin? Me and Xisco could use a rockin DJ for his sisters 15th Spanesh birthday party. Hit me up at brandfantom@yahoo.coms.


  3. Nah, I got rid of my Technics tables after I drove my car into a pond a few years ago and needed the money to get around. I didn’t know geese will bite you but they do! Anyway, I haven’t spun since, but I probly still got it in me. It’s in my blood. As far as my vinylz, my cousin Tom and me got the awesome idea one day to go to a feild and skeet shoot with them. It was so much fun, those records burst into a million pieces when you shoot them. A kept a Pac record to sell on ebay, but I moved back in with my moms at that time and she found it and thought I was in a gang. So, to show her I wasn’t, I broke it right in front of her over my head. Then she thought I was on drugs, but I didn’t have any drugs to break in front of her to show her I wasn’t, so I didn’t get any dinner that night.

  4. That’s a sad story man please don’t let it end there though. I know you have not have to spin recards in a long time but if you show up at Jose’s Pizzaria this Friday to spin for me and X I’ll bring an all-most new one in to used.! My freind Alexis has a spare Denon turned-tabble mixer mashine.
    come aroudn 5:30 so you can get comfy with it. If it’s all good-in-the-hood we can get it all popin’ and set it off for theis Rockin’ Karoke Friday. Hit me up at brandfantom@yahoo.com if your down.

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