Meeting a Nasa Agent

At art Directors meeting in Kansas City last month I met a freelance graphics designer guy named Wilton. He told me that he’s from the island of Nasa near the Behamus. I asked him if everyone talked Jamaycan like him at Nasa. Wilton lookd confuosed about that and stated that he didn’t speak Jamaycan but a locel nadive dilect of english. I then asked Wilton how many rockets do tehy have over at Nasa now days and if he-had ever flying on one before. He said, “No I’m from Nasa, not Nasa.” I said “Yeah that’s same thing I just said.” Wilton got frustrated and said in his Jamaycan-English dilect “No Nasa, Behamus. It’s the capital of my coutry in the Caribeein” I said, “Oh I see. Sorry fo r the confushion.”
I didn’t pursh anymore quetsions on hims becos I’m sure he was wired and coudn’t say more with out being intruoble with his Nasa commanders. I wonder what his mission and real purpose for being at art directors meetting was?


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