Brand fantom Theam

I’m curently in talks with a multimedium designer to build me a more oficial site. I knew I’d need some music to realy set teh tone. Well me and Xisco got together last night and threw down the rough track down in 10 minutes on his iMac with Garage-bands. The music loops were already there we just had to arange it rightly and lay some vocles down. Xis took the tenor and I took the falseto (Just like we do alomost any week on karaoke nights at Jose’s Pizzeria.)
Like i said this track is a tad rough because me and Xis didn’t not sing the previus 2 weeks but it come to-gether enough for you hear the basic vibe of it. Be very pateint while it takes 10 seconds to lode but Click hear to listen.



  1. A tad rough? Roseanne Barr’s version of the national anthem was smoother than this crap! Is this a joke or what man?

  2. Seriously mate you’d be better off just using some background music with out vocals.

  3. I’m been very busy working on McDonald’s rebrands for next year or I woud have adress both your coments much more promply. Like i told others before while comenting; i don’t mind if a person disgrees with my astetic tastes feel free for coment on that but what both of you have done was just to be nasty. In fact it didn’t just hit me til minutes ago that i actuly know both you 2 and your tag teaming to-gether agianst me. Becase of that I’m calling you out.

    triad_1207- Your realy Cory Todd Hamby and the reason your online name is triad 1207 is becase you were born in Decimber 12. Also your online name is triad becase that’s the name you pick for your failed lanched business 6 year ago. Let me tell yo u : your name should be triad_2003 scents taht was the year Mandi brake up with and and the last time you had a date. Hurts when some one posts thing online abot you huh Cory?

    Beowulfenstein- Beowulfenstien is a stupid name but not as real much as your real name…..Adrian. Yeah that sounds about as girly as that one time when you sliped and cried in the school hallway so everyone herd you. Remeber that? Remeber how that made you sprane your ankle and your mom had to walk with you cross the stage to get your hi-school diploma? I bet the blogosfear knowing this hurts worst than the sprane huh?

    Oh and your queston about this being serius/ well not only am we serius but me and Xisco sing every Rockin Kareoke Friday at Jose’s Pizzaria’s at 8pm and people do come just to hear us. May-be you dont’ like us wether from jelosy or other wise but I’m hear to tell you I’m gonna keep desinging at my maxim leval and keep making music for my site and doing karoke in my style of way like it or not. Sorry to call you out, mess ups your fun and return you to your miserble lifes but I have to go tend to some my client-business.

  4. Oh and by the way. I do encoradge peolple to leave coments even ones not necessarily in favor of my work but “triad_1207” & “Beowulftsten” were peple I had a histroy with; people that want me to fail in life like them and tha’ts why they post destructive crap like they did

    So again please, please feel free to coment. I will not call you names like these guys. There the excepion becase we’re mortal enmy’s

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