Circus Peanut-Name Recall

Circus "Peanuts" are now called Candy X

Circus "Peanuts" are now called Candy X until farther nodice.

So I was trying to get over this weird stomack thing I’ve ben dealing with lately and I went to the drugstore to get some pepto. While I was there I ran across one of my tasthy childhood memorys…Circus Peanuts. It was tempting becas it is a tasty thing to eat but I wasn’t not hungary at the time and my mom always said their not good for me. But I looked on the side of the pactage and found out they have 0 Transient fats and 0 of sodiums. Hey that’s helth food to me! So I bougt them to eat them after taking pepto and a nap.

So that’s what i did. As soon as I wake up I start to open the package and nodice on the back this writting “This product does not contain peanuts”. I was shocked,opaled and offended. I couldn’t believe that candy makers have so blaytanly mismarketing Circus “Peanuts” all this time! I figured they were at least 10% real like Nutter Buttre but not evan that.

I think the worst travisty is done to the Africand Amercians though. We learned in school that George Washintgon Carver invent the peanut. Now look how we step all over his life’s work and make something else fake to replace what he makes. It’s so unpolitclely correct that George Washington Carver probly is rolling in his coffin as we talk!

I’ve really been torn about this because this fake and tasty candy is so good but it’s so wrong to keep eating them knowing what it does to Africand american history. But I think I have a plan to solve it. I’m going to take on the huge task of renameing the circus “peanuts”  (I will call it candy X for now.) to somthing opropreate. I will also try to be a avocate for the candy X so that candy makers will get on bored with my plan. It won’t not be easy but necassary- yes.

So soon I’ll have a number of names added to a pole so you can vote and take part in fixing the Candy X name misjustice.



  1. Man I’m with you. I think the former name of Candy X does a serious disservice to all consumers in our country. I really think a petition should be formed. If you start one up I’ll sign it like John Hancock and try to pass on the message to other people I know.

    • May-be a petition is a good idea. I think I’ll try and start one then. Thanks for that idea Xis.

  2. I’m with you on the Candy X name, that sounds tite. I’m a huge Speed Racer fan and I always wondered what Racer X would eat, if he even does need to eat. Candy X seems like a perfect food for him, maybe if they make another movie he could eat Candy X. I never thought about the George Carver thing, I’m glad you braught that up! IT does seem to be a mockery of his greatest invention ever-the peanut.

    • I never thought of that before! Candy X would be perfect for Racer X. Maybe when they com out with par t 2 of Speed Racer they can cross brand Racer X to indorse Candy X!

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