Hay Guys. Quick Update.

No I not bought yet a computer yet. I’m using a P.C. (Piece of Crap) I bought from a local pawn shop and then downloaded all the Adobe CS trials to my computer. I still have the receipt and will take it back later this week I’m really just waiting for Mac to release Snow Leopards on Friday before I buy. I’ll be updating more frequently then.

Oh and another thing. Notice anything different about my post? How about spelling? I’m the first to admit I’m not the spelling bea king and  a couple of people have sent me emails about spell check but nobody would tell me how to do it. Well I found a tutorial last week that showed to me that clicking “ABC” Check button would “flag” spelling errors with red squiggle’s that I can then double click to see alternate spelling suggestions. So now my posts should be virtually air free. I look forward to posting more corrected spelled worded posts and to summit new graphics designs after I get my new mac with Snow Leopards next week. So I’ll keep you posted…ROOOAR!


Black Sheeps Are Still hear

Like I told you. Loud talking, drinking crying, hitting and crying.No peace with Uncle Joe and Ant Missy around and guess what I probly won’t make my deadline tomorrow. Even worst is that my iBook is totaly broken. Stupid uncle Joe.
Last nihgt, Joe invited bunch of his old slummy freinds that he used to drink with whens he lived here. Mind you that Carol and I live in a 850 sqare footed, 2 bedroom place. so it’s like 11 peop le in my place and all drinking (of corspe). Well dum uncle Joe had to loudly and awquardly fit his famuos question into the group disgustion…

Joe- “You know how i like my beers?”
Bum freind- “How’s that?”
Joe- “Like I like my violents…domestic”

Then dum Joe folowed his tarded joke up with “Now go get me a beer womand or I’ll…” then he drunkedly shook his fist at Missy. She went and got his beer as usual. Then poored it in his lap and quickly broke the bottle over his head as usual. All those drunk bums ran out of the hous e and uncle Joe bagan crying as usuals.
The only thing unusual and unforchunate is that my some of the beer, bottles shards and a little blood got into the keybord of my iBook. I was fuming but I was always taught to respect my eldars so me being a good sothern genelman I said nothing and quitely and quictly grabbed my computar and rushed it to my room. It wouldn’t come on at all. Forchunatly I backed up everytihng but still have nothing to work on in the mean time. Even this I had to write from Xiscos PC
So for now I have a Bondi blue G3 iBook that smell like Pabst that’s onlys good as a coastar now. Hopefully I can find someone in Lowell or Bentonville with a Mac with Adobes to finish my work. KISS has never been more impotant than becas I realy think this acount is importatn if I ever wan to hire someone to help me with Fantom Advertising Group. Wish me well.

Disco Soul Brothers Logo Designs


Me and Xisco were singig karoke at Jose’s Pizzaria Friday and I noticed 2 new fans sitting at the back booth eating pizza. They were 2 similar looking Africand Americans that were like from the 70’s funk days. They both had matchingd rounded afros and side-buns like Bill the Bucher on the New York Gangs movie. I saw them saw bobing there heads to wile X and I sang to “Anohter One Bite the dust” by Quean. When we wer e  done with our gig these guys ran up to me and said our preformence was “All the way live”. They told us they were twind brothes named Melvin & Max Duplessy and they were Dj’s that just moved from New Orlens. They also did orignal music and sad we shoud colaburate caus they could “hook us up” some banging musics. I told them Me and Xisco were more about rock and adult comtempory but maybe we coud mix some sounds with them some day (May-be like Arow Smith and Run GMC). I told them that I was realy more doing karoke for fun now but was much more focused on graphics design and branding. Melvin & Max eye lit up.

They said “We ben looking for a good logo. How bout you do us one for like 20 stacks?” That sounded like a whole lot so I took it.

The graphics element in the logo was hevily considerd and excuted. The disco ball fros realy tell the the story of what they do. The green and purple faces repsent Marti Gra wich is in New orlens where they from. The lighter repsents the song “Disco Enferno” the song they  always start off with at any event they do. I gave the logo to them Saturday evening and they love it. I got like 10 hi-fi’s and a 20 stack ( wich i found out is just 20 $1 bills.) It was a bit lower than my tipical raites but the Duplessy brothers are cool guys, I made an awesome logo and may get to colaburate with them on a Funk/rock fushion song in the future.

Vote the Pole- New Name for Candy X (formly known as Circus Peanuts)


Meeting a Nasa Agent

At art Directors meeting in Kansas City last month I met a freelance graphics designer guy named Wilton. He told me that he’s from the island of Nasa near the Behamus. I asked him if everyone talked Jamaycan like him at Nasa. Wilton lookd confuosed about that and stated that he didn’t speak Jamaycan but a locel nadive dilect of english. I then asked Wilton how many rockets do tehy have over at Nasa now days and if he-had ever flying on one before. He said, “No I’m from Nasa, not Nasa.” I said “Yeah that’s same thing I just said.” Wilton got frustrated and said in his Jamaycan-English dilect “No Nasa, Behamus. It’s the capital of my coutry in the Caribeein” I said, “Oh I see. Sorry fo r the confushion.”
I didn’t pursh anymore quetsions on hims becos I’m sure he was wired and coudn’t say more with out being intruoble with his Nasa commanders. I wonder what his mission and real purpose for being at art directors meetting was?

Brand fantom Theam

I’m curently in talks with a multimedium designer to build me a more oficial site. I knew I’d need some music to realy set teh tone. Well me and Xisco got together last night and threw down the rough track down in 10 minutes on his iMac with Garage-bands. The music loops were already there we just had to arange it rightly and lay some vocles down. Xis took the tenor and I took the falseto (Just like we do alomost any week on karaoke nights at Jose’s Pizzeria.)
Like i said this track is a tad rough because me and Xis didn’t not sing the previus 2 weeks but it come to-gether enough for you hear the basic vibe of it. Be very pateint while it takes 10 seconds to lode but Click hear to listen.