Fantomized-VH1 Rebranding


So. I remember like 8 years ago wen I went to a graphics arts meeting a couple of years ago and the  owners of AdamsMorioka was the key-note speakers. They were telling us how they reecently did rebrandings work for VH1. They basicly said that VH1 paid them $30,000 to put a circle shape around the 1 of their logo (as seens above).

Insanly, a bulb went off of my head. I was like man I can do that and better and more inovadive too and for I woud only charge them like 1/3rd the cost of AM! I now then that they have had other graphics logos sense but they change crap there like every 5 years. I new that VH1 would be looking to rebrand int he future so I have now takin the opurtunidy to put my hat on the ring now. It’s late now but first thing in th e morning I’m going to send my version to the Brander Director of Viacomd.

So as for my logo you can see thats I used some funky/fresh color-skemes  to livvin up the brand look to make it relivant to a mass-stream oddiance. As you may also noticed the logo is a #1 with a “VH” making it. This was an obveus improvment from 1st & 2nd generation logos that you sees above. I also aded the type “Video Hits” so people now what VH stands for. I used the  sweat looking font case called Jazz LET Plain: 1.0 for this part. Belive you me you when I say that was no acidents. I wanted waht I call a Sublemonal Fontage Use™, which is to say in this instance that since VH1 is a music based chanel that the font re-enforces that ideas cos Jazz is music too.

Take that AdamsMoroika! I did more work, aded more zest and opeal, and only for $10,000. I’m also willing to advinture taht I’m honed my skills so much  that i kicked it out quicker than taht over-priced circle they made. My advise to AM in the future is next time too do like me and *KISS it.

*Denotes – Kick It out Super Speed


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  1. Nice work. You really did kick it up a notch. on this one.
    Oh and while we’re talking about music Lisa and Jen were asking if the “Dynamic Duo” was performing at Jose’s this Friday night. Hope you’re ready bro!

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