Childhood- Hauser the Bully

I remember wen I was  a kid grouwing up in the neybor-hood at age 9 there were a group of guys I used to hang out with and play baseball and Heman with. We always had lots of fun. Of corspe we did have the ocashional fite but always made up.

Well one day this new kid  fat moved in named Pete “Round” Hauser. He seamed cool at first but really upset the ballance in our little group very quick and it started becos of a joke he pulled on me.

I came outside to play afer shcool one day to play with the guys as usuwill. And there was this nonfamilar guy round-faced looking at me like I was the new one. He said “Hi my name is Pete. Who are you?” I was like, “Eddy” cos that’s who I used to go buy when I was kid and a boy. He then told me he had a joke for me and then porceeded to tell this infamus joke of torment.

Pete- “Knock, knock”
Me- “Who’s there?”
Pete- “Frajil”
Me- “Frajil who?”
Pete- “Frajil Package”

Then Hauser kicked me in the crotch.

Boy that hurt. It aslo made me feel halpless cos he was way bigger than me so I couldn’t fite him. The worser thing was it didn’t stop there he told new jokes every time I came out side to play. And they all ended in the same punch line or in this case kick line.

Aventuly I took that hurt out on peole in my family by lashing out with a sowred atitude. My dad notices this and says “Boy you’ve been crotchety lately.” I figured he used that word cos he got the memo abot me getting kicked in the crotch constanly. I didn’t find out till English vocab that crotchety mint to be irratbable in genral not just when some-one like Hauser kicks you in the crotch and makes you angry alot.

Anyways, Hauser got hauled off to juvy 2 years later and we never really heard from hims agian. Xisco told me though that recently Hauser tried to pull this same joke on some guy  at the paper mill he worked at in Missipippi and got charged with assalt and  senshual harrassement. So he’s may-be get  locked away for for a cople years. That’s probly the first time  Hauserd ever gots kicked by his own joke.


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