2pac Drawing

2pac throwing up West-sides.

2pac throwing up West-sides.

I remeber back in vo-tech there was this guy named Tyreke. He was like the coolest guy at owr school and one of the only Africand- American guys at school. I wanted to get in good with him so we coud chill together so i put on baggy cloths, had my niebor Amy brade my hair in corned-rows and drew this picture of 2pac.
The next day I ran into Tyreke in the cafrateria and said, “What’s up son. Here goes a piture I drew. I been meaning to roll over and give it to you for a minute”. He gave me a differnt look and stared at my picture and says ” Oh, this is that 2pac guy. Someone was talking bout him on NPR last week.” He then mentioned some other stuff and asked me if I was tryign to make a living as an artist. After that he pushed his eyebows together confusdly and asked som e unrealated question about “How the heck do you eat?” The only asnwer I coud think to say was “One bite at a time I guess.” Weird. I mean the food wasn’t great in the cafrateria but it wasn’t uneatble ether. I still don’t know what part of left-feld that quesion came from.
I let Tyreke keep the picture since it looked like he  liked it but I didn’t really hang with him much after taht. Not cos he was africand-american but cos we had differnet lives. He listend to NPR , partied his hair on the right side, dresed kind of preppy cloths and frankly aksed weird personal questions abut other peoples digestive systems. On the other hands, I listend to 2pac, wore brades and sagged in the latest urbane fashons like Tommy, Mosimo and Natical. I just don’t think a close freind-ship was in the cards for us.



  1. looks great, that’s a great likeness of the greatest MC ever. isn’t that Ozzies’ sign he’s throwin up thouh? Pacs missin’ his tatz to, but great job!

    • I know it may look similar but I think this was historicaly how Westsides was shown language before they crossed the 2 middle fingers togehter. Very observent of you to nodice though.

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