Welcome to the Beginning.

Hey all. I know alot of people have been wondering why I resigned my post at work, where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to the last couple of months. I finally feel ready to address all that and and think this format is the best way to do it. One fale swoop.

As many of my former coworkrers know, I have been in the creative field for quite awhile now. I’ve tot graphics design corses, art directed at a sizeable ad agency and studio, I’ve been an inhouse illustrator at a theme park and at one point I even did sidewalk art at a theme park. Those journeys were great to build my portfolio but I still felt so unappreciated and creatively hindred. Politics were always involved in every decision and I felt powerless to unleash my true vision.
It seemed like my great ideal were allways taken and “reworked” to sum one elses credit or were shot down altogether.

Well frankly I got tired of that crap. I realized no matter where I went in the industry I kept gotting treated the same way. Until one day I woke up and realised the pattern of my career path would keep happiening as long as I worked under someone. I knew I had to get free and touch the sky and the only way out was to say no to the big busines burocracy and to make my own path. So when I suddenly stormed out of work it wasn’t any particular person, project or anything but really just a culmanation of things that have been residing in my heart for many years. So I hope no one took it personally. I really sorry for how I handled that and hope we can be on good terms.

With all that being saidd, the last couple of months I’ve just been doing freelance here and there trying to expand my client-L, cold calling, and the like. But I just determined today to start up a blog and really spread my wings. Shoot maybe I can get known all around the world! That’s my goal is to just share my gift, get in some design books, have people write articles about my logo work in other blogs, win some Addy’s, start up my own company Fantom Advertising Group Inc., and make enogh money to retire early. That’s all I really wantt to do and I feel like this blog is the beginning of a whole new chaptor of my life.
Wish me well guys.



  1. Yo all’s forgiven man. I’m just glad you’re happy now. It’s been awhile since we hung out. Wanna go to José’s later this week? My treat by the way 🙂

    • That’d be great man. Friday night works great for me. In fact I’ll drop by and pick you up. Shoot me an email and let me know what time I should come by.

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