Jose’s Pizzaria Logo

Logo and signage ideal for a Jose Jackson

Logo and signage ideal for a Jose Jackson

I created this logo for Jose Jackson who opened a Pizzeria in Centerton. He wanted a little old and alittle new. So I made the background like old rough paper to give it an old world feel and added a fresh new color scheme to bring it into the 21st centruy. He was really pleased with it.

If I get the money togehter I’m going to put it in Addy’s awards show.



  1. I’ve been reading some logo trends and it seems like a very popular new one is combining actual photos with digital renderings. This is a prime example of using these techniques to the MAX! Love the bevel and emboss, I don’t see that in enough design, of course only the skilled few of us know about it, thank goodness!

  2. Thanks tomzcuz. Yeah I try to stay up on trends by reading lots of Commercial Arts Magazine, GD USA and Hi Fruictose. It really helps me stay connected with what real people are looking for.
    The bevel and emboss technique has been making a good comeback as of latte. I really have to give props to America’s teachars though. None of the new designers whould know to implument those pricipals if no one was their to teach them. Makes me miss teaching a bit. Perhaps one day I’ll go back to teaching Basics Design at the votech again.

  3. […] get noticed so he can go into music full time. I tell him one night while at Jose’s Pizzaria (a place i also did the signage for) you really need to put together a demo or something. I tell him I can produces and arange his music […]

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